Hey, everybody! People are graduating! People are having birthdays. Time to gift them with a copy of AT TILDY’S THRIFT. I will have a book signing after The Mother’s Day Tea at our church. Time is going by so fast! Soon the stores will have ‘Christmas in July’ to liquidate last years inventory. Gotta have friends put TILDY’s on their list! Oh, joy!



Were you ever the victim of a bully? Hopefully you weren’t the bully yourself : (. In my book AT TILDYS THRIFT, the effects of childhood bullying creates a longtime grudge in one character. In my book, I outlined how I handled it when I was a classroom teacher. It was quite effective. Read my book and see how bullying can be handled!


Do you know anyone with hexadactyly? Somebody comes into Tildy’s with it. See how this affects Tildy’s Thrift Store? READ AT TILDY’S THRIFT!


Photos From Tildy’s

Tildy’s Thrift wasn’t just the creation of my imagination – it’s stories were inspired by the many thrift store’s that I’ve visited and volunteered with in my life. Here are a few – some just may be Tildy’s Thrift itself!

Apple Valley Thrift Store

This is the thrift store where I volunteered and got my inspiration to write At Tildy’s Thrift!

Miss Maxie's Christmas Sweater

Miss Maxie needs a new red Christmas sweater every year.

Rose perfume and GhostiesMr. Gregory pushed his obese diabetic wife, Penelope around in her wheelchair in search of a new muumuu … when something skipped up onto one of her bare legs and she began to stomp and slap at it while bouncing around in her wheelchair. . . .Bug-eyed customers screamed. Jabbering, “ I smell rose perfume! Ghosties! Ghosties!” The ghost always left the scent of roses behind.

Strange green light at Tildy's ThriftSchool children reported seeing a green light go on and off late at night in Tildy’s. Is there a fallen angel in the area? The worms found in the bin of infants clothing were said to be baby snakes. What happened? Read AT TILDY’S THRIFT!

Shoes at Tildy's Thirft

Have you ever tried on shoes and found something wiggly and squishy in the toes of them? They just may have come from Tildy’s Thrift. Read what happens afterwards and roar with laughter and/or fiendish glee.


Secrets From My Favorite Thrifts

Thrift store clothingYou will never look at a thrift store the same way again after you’ve read At Tildy’s Thrift! What mysteries could be hidden in any one of these stores? Could the deceased even return for their clothes?They may be unassuming on the outside, but thrift stores hold memories, secrets and treasures of the past.




Apple Valley Thrift StoreTildy’s Thrift holds many of its own secrets – How do the gospel singers in the back deal with what’s going on? Is all as innocent as it seems? Vilma Jeanmarie, from the Low Country  in South Carolina, says, ‘Might be a boo hag? Y’all know ‘bout that old boo hag?” She will enlighten you when you read At Tildy’s Thrift!

Sweet Thrift Store








There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to most things in life – thrift stores are no different!

Bargain Town Thrift



At Tildy’s Thrift

My book is “all the way live!” How great is this!  Now Tildy’s Thrift Store has exited my mind onto printed pages and is even now wafting its way through the ether into the world! How blessed I am! I fell in love with Hortonville in my first book, Budding in Southern Exposure. Ola Mae, Jay, Darlinda and Jerlene skipped right out of that book onto the pages of this book: AT TILDY’S THRIFT!  May it accomplish its purpose!